BSIDE FWT81 RJ11 RJ45 Cable Tester Wire Tracker

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BSIDE FWT81 RJ11 RJ45 Cable Tester Wire Tracker


Quick Overview

BSIDE FWT81 Multifunctional RJ11 RJ45 Cable Tester Wire Tracker

84,300 ₮


This instrument is a multifunctional handheld cable testing tool. It has wide application with reinforced cable types and multiple functions. It is a necessary testing tool for telecommunication engineering, wiring engineering and network maintenance person.
- The multifunctional toolkit allows for both cable testing and wire tracking.
- Finds a single RJ11, RJ45, or other metal wires with adapters within a group of cables.
- When wire tracking, you don't need to strip the outer skin of the line, easy and fast, and can judge the location of the line breakpoint.
- Supports network cable collation function, test physical connection status of network cables, such as open circuit, short connection, reverse connection.
- Supports testing line level, positive and negative polarity.
- Supports status of telephone line checking: test the working status of the telephone line (idle, ringing, and off-hook) and judge TIP and RING line.
- Supports check wire continuity.
- Material: ABS
- Operating temperature and relative humidity: 0 - 40 Deg.C, maximum 80pct (non-condensing)
- Storage temperature and relative humidity: -10 - 50 Deg.C, maximum 80pct (non-condensing)
- Altitude: less than 2000m
- Anti-explosion rating: IP40
- Distance of emitting signal: more than 300m


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